2023 Fall Hershey AACA Meet

2023 Fall Hershey AACA Meet

Once more, the first full week in October has come and gone, bringing with it the wonderful Fall Hershey antique auto show. The weather was beautiful, Monday through Friday, with the rain only showing itself on Saturday. (If you’re a Hershey old-timer, you feel obligated at this time to relate the ‘walking two miles, uphill […]

A Visit With Gig Hamilton

gig hamilton

Recently myself and the entire Vintage Motor editorial staff left the plush, well-lit corridors of the Vintage Motor Company and ventured to the Pennsylvania mid-state, to visit the home of our old friend, Miller “Gig” Hamilton. Gig is recognized by vintage dirt bike enthusiasts across the country–particularly Maico fans, for whom one of Gig’s engine […]

Vintage Motorcycle Days, July 2023

vintage motorcycle days 2023

It’s July, it’s hot, and time for the annual AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days (VMD) at the Mid-Ohio racetrack in Lexington, Ohio. Time to pack the trailer with a bike, some camping gear, bins of tee shirts (in our case) and hit the road for the home state of John Glenn, Eddie Rickenbacker and the Wright […]

Are You Gonna Ride That?


I had just finished the restoration of a 1972 Rickman-Montesa, and naturally sent pictures to a few friends. “Wow—that’s nice! Are you gonna ride that?” My friend hit upon The Big Issue in the vintage motorcycle hobby/community: “Ride ’em or hide ’em”. There are some that feel strongly that vintage bikes should be ridden, to […]

Great Collections: Scott Fetterolf

In the past we’ve looked at several motorcycle collections on the east coast (including, most recently the collection of “Yankee Bob” Fornwalt), enjoying a walk through both the artifacts particular enthusiasts have chosen, as well as the manner in which they’ve elected to display them. Most of us seem to have assumed that The Garage […]

Make Motocross Fun Again: Little Racetrack in the Country

Oak Motocross Park vintage motocross race

Oak Motocross Park swung open its gates/cow fence this past weekend for another great time in the country! Oak MX Park (Coalport, PA—west of State College, PA) is an enthusiast-owned (the Ecklund family) venue that retains what might have been the best of motocross. There’s low fees, a good, varied dirt track, food trucks, and […]

Grass Track Racing in the UK – Part 2

Part 2: Harley-Davidson enters my life Harley Davidson were having problems marketing their entry into motocross during the late 70’s. They produced a 250 two-stroke, designated the MX250. This was Italian, designed by Aermacchi. The project started well, winning the 1975 Baja 500, and having the most powerful engine (barring the Can Am 250) of […]

Grass Track Racing and A Harley MX250 – Part 1

motorcycle grass track racing

The Accident Waiting to Happen A brief history and description What is Motorcycle Grass Track Racing? Dubbed as “an accident looking for a place tohappen,” the sport evolved in the late 1920’s, with the abolition of racing on the publichighway in the UK. Like scrambling (motor x, as we call it) it moved from the […]

2nd Annual Vintage Motorbike Day at the AACA Museum, Hershey

Vintage Motorbike Day AACA

Saturday, June 11th was the second running of the new “Motorbike Day” at the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) Museum in Hershey, PA.  The museum has, in the past decade, become much more of a recognized location for vintage motorcyclists, and has been featuring excellent motorbike exhibits, beginning with 2009’s joint AMCA/AACA Fast from […]